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Counseling Specialties in St. Petersburg, Fl

You deserve to feel good:
counseling specialties in St. Petersburg, Fl

Maybe the idea of blending eastern and western practices really speaks to you. Maybe you love the idea of integrating the mind, body, and soul. And maybe finding a new way of being feels like a breath of fresh air. If you are known as a more holistic person who thinks outside the box and would love to try a fresh new take on therapy, then you have come to the right place. BYBS takes the really great parts of traditional therapy, ditches the outdated, stuffy parts and then mixes in a modernist perspective to create a whole new, unique method for treating mental health and practicing healthy living.

With our holistic-infused guidance, you will learn how to regulate your nervous system, become an expert of your own needs, wants, desires, and goals, and build healthy relationships with other people and the world around you. Let us help you find your inner warrior, nurturer, and advocator. With BYBS, you get to write your own story, filled with self-love, self-respect, and self-acceptance.  



Life Transitions

Therapy for Therapist 

Panic Attacks




Yoga Therapy

Couples Counseling

HSPs & Empaths


Women’s Mental Health

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

Small Green Plants


I have known Jamie professionally for a few years and I’ve been consistently impressed by her passion for the work she does, her strong ethics, and her innovation. She has built a practice very much in alignment with her core beliefs and has brought in staff that further enhances the practice mission and vision. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone seeking services in Florida.


We are honored to be part of your holistic mental health journey and look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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