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It’s your Time to Thrive.
We can help you get there. 

Providing holistic mental health counseling services in St. Petersburg, Fl

Welcome to
Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling.

Modern, holistic mental health counseling and consulting in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We believe you have the internal strength, desire, and ability to be happy. But you may have experienced negative life events and challenges that make it hard to access that part of yourself. You are feeling tired, disconnected, and overwhelmed. And maybe even seeking happiness in the wrong places or people and feel like you are stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior.

The good news: with the right guidance, you can create the change you are seeking! We can help you break out of the old ways, release traumas and unhealthy behaviors, and find the peace, joy, and fulfillment you are seeking. By drawing from our unique mind-body-spirit approaches, our team of St. Petersburg counselors can help you find a more peaceful, healthy, and happy way of life that you deserve.

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How may we support you?


Our Counseling Services in St. Petersburg, FL



If you’re looking for high-quality therapy in St. Petersburg, Fl  with a holistic counselor that cares, then you’ve come to the right place. We are compassionate, inclusive therapists that want to empower you to live your best life, and we have a variety of holistic, mind-body-spirit tools to help you get there.



For Clinicians

The BYBS Training Institute provides a unique platform for clinicians in search of education and training that aligns with their calling, centered around holistic, mind-body-spirit approaches to therapy. Our program is highly specialized, delving deeply into the intricacies of training for practicum and internship students, registered interns, and fully licensed individuals seeking to broaden their knowledge and skill set. , We also extend our support to clinicians located outside the state of Florida through our online courses and group consultation services.

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I have known Jamie professionally for a few years and I’ve been consistently impressed by her passion for the work she does, her strong ethics, and her innovation. She has built a practice very much in alignment with her core beliefs and has brought in staff that further enhances the practice mission and vision. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone seeking services in Florida.
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