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A Holistic Approach to Therapy in St. Petersburg, Fl

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What can I expect in a therapy session?:

Whether it is your first time in counseling or you are looking for a new therapist in St. Pete, the process can feel a bit overwhelming. You may even feel a little uncomfortable, intimidated, or even a little distressed in your first session; but don’t worry, this is a very common experience and a totally normal reaction! All of our local therapists have done their own personal work and have experienced what it  feels like to be a client, so we truly understand. It may feel challenging when trying to open up to a stranger initially, especially in an unfamiliar setting, but we promise you that persevering through this initial discomfort (especially at BYBS) will bring great benefits to your mind, mental health, and overall well-being.

hall birdsong sitting on a chair taking notes during a holistic counseling session in st petersburg, fl, holistic therapy, trauma counseling

Because we understand how it feels to be a client, we were sure to create a space that feels warm, welcoming and comfortable. The moment you walk through the front door for your therapy appointment, you will be greeted with a complimentary self-care station (tea options, baked goods and sometimes candy!) modern, colorful furniture, lots of plants, our friendly, tight-knit staff, multiple shelves of holistic-friendly and self-care books, and a warm, natural light, gleaming through the windows in every room that you pass by. When you make it to the therapy room with your therapist, and choose your preferred area of seating, you will immediately feel the care and  kindness, which will instantly ease your mind. And you can expect to be exposed to all, some, or at least one of these holistic approaches during your therapy session: discussing nutrition and lifestyle changes, yoga and meditation, mindfulness training, spiritual practices, and/or exploring your life’s purpose and meaning. At the end of your session, you can even expect to possibly be given some mindful homework to reflect on until your next session.

rochelle young and jamie molnar sitting in a therapy room at be your best self and thrive in st petersburg, fl, holistic therapy, st petersburg counselor

Although seeing a new therapist or going to therapy for the first time  may initially seem a bit outside  of your comfort zone (we get it - we definitely used to feel this way too!), you will soon find that therapy at Be Your Best Self and Thrive will bring you a new and transformational experience! Remember -  it is totally normal to feel a little anxious or fearful when doing something new for the first time…but we can promise you that these initial feelings quickly disappear once you settle into working with one of our amazing therapists, whether for online therapy or in-person in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Be Your Best Self & Thrive - St. Petersburg, Fl Counselors

At Be Your Best Self & Thrive, a local counseling practice in St. Petersburg, Fl, we believe in a mind-body-spirit approach to mental health and wellness. We see people from the perspective of an integrated whole, which we also call holistic therapy. This is in contrast to a more traditional mental health and psychotherapy model, which focuses primarily on life history and tends to view mind, body and spirit as separate and compartmentalized entities. Our goal is to help you build a healthy alliance between your mind, body and spirit that works together for your benefit. 

jamie molnar is sitting on a chair taking notes during a holistic therapy session in st petersburg, fl, couples counselor, therapist in st petersburg, fl
jamie molnar is sitting on a chair talking during a holistic therapy session in st petersburg, fl, couples counselor, therapist in st petersburg, fl

We encompass a modern perspective to mental health, so we are consistently assessing our individual processes as well as how the field as a whole approaches delivery of services. We want to meet clients where they are at and aim to include more non-traditional sources of support to help increase access to care and ensure the mental health field can become more integrated with modern ways of life.


We also believe in the importance of self-awareness, being curious and always staying open-minded about the experience of others. We love our work so much that we want really do want everyone to have access to education and/or knowledge on how to practice mental wellness. As such, all are safe and welcome in our space. 

Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy may sound a bit new and unfamiliar, as it is relatively new in the therapy world too. If you’re unfamiliar with the holistic approach, the easiest way to think of it as something in contrast to more traditional therapy tactics (i.e: working around a diagnosis, focusing only on a person’s childhood, viewing the mind, body, and soul separately). Holistic therapy provides well-rounded treatment plans that are tailored to meet specific needs of each individual. Therapists take time to understand the unique background and concerns of each individual before developing a plan of action. Holistic therapy views the person as one, interconnected entity and recognizes that mental health concerns can stem from various sources, including emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances. As holistic therapists, we therefore focus on the whole person, not just their mental health symptoms. We take time to understand the individual's lifestyle, habits, relationships, spiritual health, and environment to identify the root cause of their mental health concerns. We then integrate multiple aspects of emotional, physical and spiritual health into our treatment because we believe this is what helps you achieve optimal wellness and functioning. 

Here are the top 3 benefits of holistic therapy:

You will master self awareness; not only for your mind, but you will also be able to understand and identify what your body, and soul needs at any given moment. This is a skill that we all already have, we all are all born with, but over time we unlearn it, whether due to family influences, trauma or just the structures of modern-day society. We become distracted by external stimulation (social media, work, going out) and learn to tune our inner voice out. But we will help you learn how to tune out the external, tune into the internal, and become reacquainted with this inherent gift. We will help you become an expert of your own nervous system needs again.


You will reach a whole new level of mindful living. By practicing self-awareness and self-acceptance, identifying goals and values in your life, understanding the 8 dimensions of wellness <hyperlink to a blog post on this> and being your own advocate, you will soon feel a sense of clarity and peace with who you are, who you’re working to become, and what you will achieve. You will finally begin to feel an abundance of serenity and self-love for yourself that you have been seeking all this time.

Lastly, you will have improved overall health and wellness. Techniques such as focusing on your breathing, focusing on the present moment (rather than the preoccupation of your thoughts), yoga/stretching, or even creative expression have all been scientifically proven to be helpful in calming the mind. We are experts in these techniques and promise to provide you with a toolbox for instant calm from which you can draw any time you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. 




If you believe that a more holistic approach when considering mental health counseling services would be beneficial for your needs, then schedule a free consultation with one of our local therapists today! Our counseling practice in St. Petersburg, Florida is passionate about helping clients create a healthy alliance between their mind, soul, and body. If you decide to give the holistic approach a try, you’re unlocking the mental gate to eternal open-mindedness, peace of mind, and self-awareness, and BYBS can be the key to help you get there.

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I have known Jamie professionally for a few years and I’ve been consistently impressed by her passion for the work she does, her strong ethics, and her innovation. She has built a practice very much in alignment with her core beliefs and has brought in staff that further enhances the practice mission and vision. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone seeking services in Florida.

A Message From the Founder:

Hi there! And welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive!

I am excited to connect with you here and to potentially join your on your healing journey. 


Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling was actually born out my passion for mental wellness, holistic health, and de-stigmatizing mental health. I wanted to create a modern, holistic and inclusive space for individuals and couples so that they could feel safe, empowered, and ready to embark on the incredibly rewarding path towards re-connecting with their true, authentic selves and living their best lives. I truly care about our clients and am dedicated to ensuring our team provides you with an empathic and specialized counseling experience.

I believe mental health care is for everyone. So take some time to check out our website and learn more about how we work!​

headshot of jamie molnar at be your best self and thrive in st petersburg, fl, holistic therapy, couples counselor

Jamie Molnar

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