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The BYBS Training Institute

Mental health work is hard. There is an unprecedented need for care right now and as such, clinicians need more robust training and support on how to do the work in a sustainable way. Unfortunately, many university training programs do not fully prepare students for the realities of the field, and as such, many clinicians deal with overwhelm and burnout early on in their career.

We believe that the field needs to evolve to meet the needs of both client and practitioner - we need to not only shift the way we are doing therapeutic work, but we also need to re-think the structure and format of how we deliver our services. 

Our founder, Jamie, is an advocate for mental wellness and early intervention and champions new, innovative methods of education and service delivery in the field of mental health. Her unique, holistic approach combines psychology, yoga and neuroscience into evidence-based and proven actionable steps that helps clinicians build and practice their work in a sustainable way.


Her passion for disrupting the field led to the creation of the BYBS Training Institute, the first of its kind for clinicians seeking more soul-driven, purposeful education and training on holistic, mind-body-spirit approaches to therapy. We offer highly specialized, in-depth training for practicum and internship students, registered interns, and fully licensed individuals looking to expand their knowledge and skill set. For clinicians outside of the state of Florida seeking this support, we also offer online courses and group consultation.

jamie molnar standing outside of bybs office in st. petersburg, fl, holistic therapist, st. petersburg counselor

What makes our training different:

Our training is different - we are heart-centered and soul-connected. We teach the subtle art of attunement and how to use integrative practices in the therapy room. We invest in you not only as a clinician, but as a self-reflective and intuitive human, because we know the two are incredibly interconnected. We believe that we can only take clients as far as we have gone / are willing to go ourselves and as such, it is our goal to cultivate attuned clinicians that are actively engaged in their own form of deep work in addition to their clinical services.

All of our training is highly specialized and in-depth.


Our individual and group consultation offerings allow participants to workshop real and fictionalized cases from a holistic lens.

We offer a blend of both formal and informal supervision processes.

For onsite practitioners - uniformity in clinical work

Program Lead

Jamie Molnar, LMHC, QS, RYT has 16 years of clinical and organizational psychology experience, with particular expertise in clinical counseling and supervision, strengths-based coaching, behavioral intervention and case management, crisis response, and health and wellness initiatives.  

She has worked in a variety of settings, including substance abuse treatment and research, pharmaceutical research, neuropsychology, threat assessment and behavioral intervention, and both clinical and non-clinical settings in higher education. She currently serves as an affiliated consultant for the TNG Group and is on the advisory board for the National Association for Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment. She has published numerous webinars, articles and a book on mental health, counseling techniques and strategies, behavioral intervention, college counseling and case management.

jamie molnar sitting on couch in therapy room in st. petersburg, fl, holistic therapist, st. petersburg counselor

Program Offerings:


Onsite Training (Florida)

*Our onsite training is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Students / Registered Interns must be located in the greater Tampa Bay and be able to practice onsite at our facility. To ensure high quality training and supervision, we accept a very limited number of students per semester. As such, we have a robust and selective placement process - not all who apply can be selected.

  • Practicum Student placement

  • Internship Student placement

  • Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern work / placement



Online Training

  • Holistic Therapy 101 Course (Coming Soon!)

  • Group Supervision

  • Individual and Group Consultation

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Get in touch with us if you are interested in our BTBS Training Institute. 

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