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The BYBS Team

Providing counseling for teens, individual therapy and couples counseling in St. Petersburg, Fl


Our Therapists In St Petersburg, Fl.

As holistic and integrative therapists, we aim to gently guide you in developing your whole self. We believe individuals are more than a diagnosis. Our company is founded in the belief that mental health care is primary care and well-being is all-encompassing. So in addition to talk therapy, we might also explore things like nutrition and lifestyle changes, yoga and meditation, mindfulness training, spiritual practices, and exploring your life’s purpose and meaning. We really do strive to give you the individualized care that is as unique as you are. And we have a great network of holistic practitioners with whom we work very closely to ensure you get the comprehensive care that you deserve.

Therapists in St. Petersburg, Fl

Professional Staff

What makes BYBS Unique?

We are a close-knit team. We are not the average, run-of-the-mill facility - we actually enjoy each other’s company! We understand and accept each other’s strengths, differences, and personal preferences. We are a team that likes to uplift one another and we truly enjoy working together towards a shared mission - being of service to anyone seeking mental health support. 


We practice what we preach. All of our clinicians are engaged in a variety of regular healing practices and we don’t teach anything to our clients that we have not tried or experienced ourselves. We believe in the power of holistic living and we regularly consult with each other about new methods or practices that we have learned.

We aim for versatility. If you are seeking a specific type of therapy, such as treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma, or couples counseling, we offer it. We also offer online counseling, in-person counseling, workshops, group therapy and workbooks. We are passionate about mental health and wellness and aim to provide as many access points as possible for individuals who are starting or already on their self-discovery journey. At BYBS, you will never have to feel judged for your differences, instead, you will be uplifted and recognized for the individuality you bring to the world. We are accepting of all beliefs, colors, cultures, religions, sizes, and types! Here at our practice, you will be recognized for your values, your strengths, and your goals.



We are highly skilled and have specialized training. We believe in the power of inquiry and place particular value in ongoing training and education, so we stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the field. Additionally, our owner and founder has extensive experience and training in holistic therapy and individually trains / supervises all of our clinical team. This means you are getting highly qualified staff who actually know what they are doing. 


Do you have an interest in trying out holistic therapy? 

You have an interest in yoga, meditation, healthy eating, outdoor activities, and/or reading self-help books / listening to wellness podcasts.

You are a highly motivated individual who believes in the importance of mental health for overall performance and well-being.

You are open-minded to trying alternative therapies/approaches in order to see lasting don’t want the standard, cookie-cutter therapy that everyone else does. You want something deeper, more meaningful, more impactful.

You crave change.

You place a high value on balance between work life and personal life.

You are interested in/have researched and/or are familiar with holistic mental health options, such as acupuncture, massage, and herbal remedies, or have researched websites related to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

If you can resonate with one or more of these, then BYBS is the perfect place for you. We are a holistic-infused therapy practice, blending Eastern and Western practices to provide you with a well-rounded therapy experience. We often weave a variety of holistic techniques, such as breathing techniques, yoga, and mindfulness, into counseling sessions. We can help you gain balance in your life, find a peace of mind, and live a healthily fulfilling life. 

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We are honored to be part of your holistic mental health journey and look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

It is so important to find a therapist with your values and beliefs. You may find that BYBS aligns with your open-minded approach to life, shares  similar values, or vibes with your interest in holistic wellness techniques. If so, know that we see you and we would love to work with you! With our guidance, you will learn how to tune out the distractions of the world and tune into the messages from your body and soul. This process will ultimately help you find the peace and joy that you deserve.

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