The BYBS Team

Modern. Inclusive. Holistic.

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Jamie Molnar, LMHC


Jamie is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher, and a State of Florida Qualified Supervisor. She is the founder and owner of Be Your Best Self + Thrive. She is passionate about mind-body-spirit living and mental wellness and specializes in Yoga Psychology for both individuals and couples.


Kate Daigle, LMHC


Kate is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a clinician at Be Your Best Self + Thrive. She believes in holistic health and wellness and has a passion for helping individuals overcome trauma and grief. She works with both individuals and couples.


Genevieve May, LCSW


Genevieve is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a clinician at Be Your Best Self and Thrive. She is passionate about working with adults, teens and families with issues such as obsessions/compulsions, anxiety, grief & loss, chronic health conditions, LGBTQIA+ issues and spiritual trauma. She believes in a compassionate, mindful approach as she guides clients in how to let go of future worries and live a present-focused life.


Elena Simonsen, MSW


Elena is a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern and a clinician at Be Your Best Self and Thrive. She believes in honoring the uniqueness of every person and adapts her therapeutic approach to the needs of the individual. Elena is passionate about supporting young adults struggling with anxiety, trauma and addictive behaviors.


Takeisha Bivens, MSW

Client Care Coordinator

Takeisha is our Client Care Coordinator at Be Your Best Self & Thrive. She is the glue of our practice! She oversees many different aspects of the client experience and is dedicated to making sure that you feel warm and welcome throughout your journey with us to becoming your best self.