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rochelle young standing outside the be your best self and thrive counseling office in st. petersburg, fl, holistic therapist, counseling for anxiety


Rochelle Young, M.A.

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Individual Therapy

Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Self-Esteem, Grief, Life Transitions. ADHD

Treatment Approaches 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Integrative Psychotherapy

StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths: 

  1. Strategic

  2. Communication

  3. Input

  4. Context

  5. Competition

A St. Petersburg, Fl Counselor

Hi! I appreciate you checking out my page and learning a bit more about me. I’m looking forward to working together and I’m grateful for you entrusting me and Be Your Best Self & Thrive with your mental health needs. 


I have lived in St. Pete for about 8 years now and love it! My journey here actually started in order to seek better mental health for myself. At the time, I was 23, living in Tampa, didn’t understand what I wanted in life, and was in an abusive relationship. I decided to completely uproot my life and move to St. Pete where I only knew my best friend and didn’t have a single job opportunity (not sure that I’d recommend doing that). Regardless, I quickly learned how capable we are of figuring things out when things get rough, and although life was jumbled, I look back at this time with fondness and love. I started working two jobs and going to school full-time. It was extremely stressful, but I had never felt more free. I started my own healing journey and as I recovered from my own personal traumas, I realized I wanted to help others. So, I decided to become a teacher, and after 5 years of working on myself, my schooling, and my career, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of South Florida in May of 2020.


rochelle young sitting on couch at bybs in st petersburg, fl, holistic therapy, anxiety counselor

As a natural strategist and information gatherer, I focus on learning about you! This includes your past, present, and future. Therefore, my approach to therapy is person-centered and holistic. I have found that many of the things that hinder us from moving forward are our own coping mechanisms, something that may have once served us well in the past but is no longer working for us now. I will teach you techniques to manage ruminating thoughts or other anxieties you may be struggling with by exploring the root of these thoughts and practicing strategies together in a safe and comfortable space. My experience in teaching taught me that we are curious creatures, and that education can hold a lot of power in healing! Understanding what is happening in your brain and body can help you increase self-resilience and patience. I can help you develop a deeper understanding of your own thoughts and behaviors as well as how to use meditative techniques such as grounding, guided imagery, and deep breathing to release your stress and overwhelm and feel more grounded and calm. The therapy process with me is collaborative and will mean learning more about yourself, how some of your coping mechanisms may be keeping you stuck, how to be mindful and intentional with your life and create a new, healthier, happier version of you! 

Together, you and I can take the journey towards decompressing your fears, worries, hardships, or traumas and help you feel more confident, grounded, and present in your daily life. Taking that first step to focus on your mental health is a hard one, and I want you to feel proud to be here looking for an ideal therapist to navigate your own mental health needs. I feel lucky to be part of those possibilities and I look forward to seeing what magic we are able to make together!

headshot of rochelle young at bybs in st petersburg, fl, holistic therapy, anxiety counselor

Rochelle's Qualifications


  • Bachelors of Science, Education, University of South Florida

  • Masters of Mental Health Counseling, Adams State University

  • Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern #IMH24542

  • Supervised by Jamie Molnar, LMHC

Areas of Expertise

Rochelle's Treatment Approaches:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): Incorporating DBT skills training to enhance emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness practices, particularly beneficial for managing intense emotions and reducing conflict.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Utilizing CBT techniques to address thought patterns, behaviors, and emotions, working collaboratively to modify unhelpful beliefs and develop effective coping strategies.

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices: Integrating meditation and mindfulness techniques into therapy sessions to cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and improve emotional well-being.

Internal Family Systems (IFS): Utilizing IFS therapy to explore and reconcile internal conflicts within oneself, fostering self-awareness, healing emotional wounds, and promoting self-compassion by acknowledging different facets of one's personality.

Integrative Psychotherapy: Employing an integrative approach that draws from multiple therapeutic modalities, tailoring treatment to the individual's unique needs and circumstances, and incorporating various techniques to promote holistic healing.

Rochelle's Areas of Expertise:

Depression and Anxiety: Supporting individuals through the challenges of depression and anxiety, providing coping strategies, and facilitating healing and recovery.

Panic: Addressing panic disorder and panic attacks, employing techniques to manage and reduce their occurrence while exploring underlying triggers.

Self-Esteem: Helping individuals enhance self-worth, confidence, and self-acceptance through therapeutic approaches that focus on self-reflection and positive affirmation.

Trauma and Grief/Loss: Guiding individuals through trauma recovery and grief/loss, utilizing trauma-informed techniques and compassionate support to navigate these experiences.

ADHD (Teens and Adults): Assisting both teens and adults in understanding and managing symptoms related to ADHD, providing strategies to improve focus, organization, and daily functioning.

Relationship Issues: Supporting individuals and couples in addressing conflicts, improving communication, and fostering healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Women's Issues: Addressing issues specific to women's mental health and well-being, offering support for challenges such as reproductive health, life transitions, and societal pressures.

Family Issues and Parenting Concerns/Coaching: Providing guidance to families, offering parenting support and coaching, and addressing familial dynamics and challenges.

Communication: Enhancing communication skills within relationships, families, and the workplace, fostering better understanding and connection.

Stress Management: Equipping individuals with tools and techniques to manage stress effectively, promoting resilience and overall well-being.

Life Transitions: Assisting individuals in navigating major life changes such as career shifts, relocation, or relationship changes, offering support during transitional periods.


We are honored to be part of your holistic mental health journey and look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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