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Adult Grief Group
for Mother Loss In St. Petersburg, FL

For young adult women who have lost their mother and want a safe, non-judgmental space to share their grief and combat isolation in a mourning-avoiding culture.

Losing your mother at a young age is a devastating and isolating event that leads to complex grief.

Not only are you grieving your mother’s death, but every event afterwards that you would have shared together. 


No one understands your experience.

Trying to explain your loss to others makes you feel more alone, because no one knows what to say. 


Constant triggers from your memories and mother culture leave you exhausted and depressed.

Our Grief Group Will Help You to:

  • Build connection and community around a shared story.

  • Feel heard, validated, and understood.

  • Learn self-acceptance, self-care, self-compassion, and resilience.

  • Build the inner and outer skills to manage mother culture in daily life and no longer be impacted in the way you were before.

  • Feel empowered to navigate life events in a different way moving forward that honors your loved one while increasing joy and meaning in your life.

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We would love to support you.
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The investment is $35 for a 90-minute group. A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance

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We are honored to be part of your holistic mental health journey and look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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