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Therapy for Therapists In St. Petersburg, FL

Therapy in St. Petersburg, Fl

Dreaming of the day where you’ve found balance and feel less burnt out?

Do you get overwhelmed sometimes by how deeply you feel for your clients? Are you finding it harder and harder to separate your professional and personal identities? Are you struggling to maintain a balanced lifestyle?


You might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the stories and emotions you absorb each day. You may feel like you should be doing more for your clients to ease their pain, even though logically you know that you cannot change their situation. Or on the flip side, you are noticing you get very frustrated when your client is struggling and not implementing your suggestions.


You might be noticing changes in your sleeping patterns or your eating patterns. You are feeling more and more exhausted and starting to check out completely when you come home. You are noticing you are not as sharp at work as you’d like to be. 


Because the type of work you do is intense, you might be struggling to find balance in your personal life now too. Your friends and family may not understand the challenges that you face at your job on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, there isn’t much that you can disclose to your loved ones due to the confidential nature of your work. This leaves you feeling a bit isolated and alone, and may even be causing some discord between you and those that are closest to you. 


You’re probably wishing you felt less exhausted by your job, and you are wondering how to get back to the joy and love you had for your profession when you first began your career.


Though the feelings of anxiety, frustration, or sadness you experience may feel a bit overwhelming right now, know that it is possible to experience happiness and fulfillment as a therapist or wellness professional. You can learn to set healthy boundaries and overcome burnout through specialized therapy for therapists.

Every Therapist Needs a Therapist

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Even the father of modern day psychotherapy, Sigmund Frued himself, noted that all therapists should seek therapy for themselves at least periodically. Because therapists are human beings too, they have to learn how to manage their own emotions and stressors in addition to those of their clients. This assists with stronger skills in transference and countertransference, which in turn allows for better health of therapist and client overall.  


Many therapists and wellness professionals have experienced traumas or life stressors of their own. Sometimes, these life stressors and other past experiences shape our reactions to the clients that we work with. Having a safe space to acknowledge and process those reactions is vital to preventing, managing, and overcoming burnout as a clinician. Because we are therapists and wellness professionals, we typically feel that we have to be the strong ones. Society tells us that we should be helping others, not getting help ourselves. This may lead you to feel ashamed of reaching out for therapy, when in reality navigating your career and personal life stressors is a journey that no wellness professional should have to undertake alone.


Our team at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling will treat you as a whole person, looking at aspects of your life both as a healer and also outside of your profession, to help you achieve work-life balance and mind-body-spirit wellness. We love helping psychologists, therapists, and other wellness professionals feel more empowered to achieve mind, body, and spirit wellness.

Find Your Way in the World as a Wellness Professional through Holistic Therapy

Being a therapist or wellness professional can be exhausting, especially within the current structures and systems. You may already be part of supervision and/or peer support groups but feel like you could use more support. While you may be familiar with the theories of change and skills to achieve wellbeing, it is still vital to have professional support of your own to apply these theories and skills directly to your own individual circumstances. Our trained therapists for therapists at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling provide care tailored specifically to you to help you find work-life balance and empower you to feel more at ease.


Our team at Be Your Best Self & Thrive takes the time to really understand all aspects of your life - not just your identity as a therapist or wellness professional. From there, we work with you collaboratively to create a holistic treatment plan that is appropriate for you and the goals you wish to achieve through our work together. Your therapist will create a safe, welcoming environment for you to grow and heal. One step at a time, your therapist will assist you in developing the awareness and skills you need to reach mind-body-spirit wellness.


Our therapists take an eclectic approach to therapy for therapists, because we realize that everyone has unique needs. We primarily draw from a person-centered and humanistic perspective in our work because we truly see you as a whole person, not just as a therapist, and the expert of your own inner world. We strongly believe in the power of our relationship in itself to help you create the personal and professional vision you have for yourself.


Other people in your life may not understand the struggles you face as a therapist. You may become frustrated with others (or others may become frustrated with you) because of the way the stress of your work is impacting you. For this reason, we find it helpful to incorporate techniques from interpersonal therapy to help you improve your relationships. We believe that when you feel connected and present in your personal relationships, you will feel more whole and at peace in mind, body, and spirit.


Because it’s important to have a solid foundation of self-awareness as a therapist, we find it helpful to draw from psychodynamic principles as part of our work together. This allows you to bring unconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface, and demonstrates how your past experiences shape your current behavior. We can also look at transference and countertransference reactions you experience to help you navigate and understand the challenges you may have in your work with your clients.


Being a therapist or wellness professional is not easy by any means. But we want you to know that it is possible to create the specific formula you need to continue doing this work in a healthy and sustainable way.


Wholeness of mind, body and spirit in your personal and professional life is attainable and our team of therapists for therapists at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling is here to help you achieve it.

Perhaps you’re considering therapy for therapists, but you have some concerns…

I’m a therapist- I shouldn’t need therapy for myself

Everyone struggles sometimes. We can all benefit from getting support from another person. Therapists and wellness professionals face struggles in their career that they alone understand, so having a trained therapist available to help you work through these issues is more common and accepted than you may think.

I’m working so much that I don’t have time for therapy

As wellness professionals ourselves, we know how hard it can be to make time to care for yourself when you’re so busy helping others. However, learning to prioritize your needs so that you can be fully present for your clients will be a vital step for you to take in your journey to wellbeing, and simply setting aside time for your own therapy is a great first step.

What if my therapist judges me?

As a wellness professional you may fear being looked down upon by others for seeking help. Our team at BYBS is nonjudgmental and creates a safe, supportive space for you to work through any current struggles you’re experiencing. We all believe in the importance of having our own support and we all regularly engage in our own therapy. We respect the boundaries of our work and the importance of confidentiality laws, so trust that we will not share your personal information with others in the field. Therapists and wellness professionals are human too - we completely understand how hard it is to reach out and will be diligent about forming a trusting relationship with you that provides you with the space you need to heal.

Learn to Let Go of Stress and Find Work-Life Balance

If being a therapist or wellness professional has left you feeling burnt out, frustrated, or hopeless, holistic treatment at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling can help you reharmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Contact us today to schedule your free, 15-minute consultation and learn more about how we can help!

Please note that during COVID-19, we are offering both in-person and online therapy sessions. 

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You’ll meet with one of our trained clinicians to discuss your needs, provide answers to any questions, and review our process and offerings.  

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Therapy for Therapists in St. Petersburg, FL

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