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Spiritual Wellness Therapy In St. Petersburg, FL

Spiritual Counseling in St Petersburg, Fl

Are You Seeking a Greater Purpose in Your Life?

Are you feeling a little lost in the world right now? Are you wishing you could better understand your life’s purpose? Has your struggle to find deeper meaning in life left you feeling a little overwhelmed and confused?


You might have recently experienced a loss or major life transition. Maybe someone you care deeply about has passed, or perhaps you were laid off from a job that you really enjoyed. Maybe you faced a major health crisis or an important relationship in your life has shifted. Wherever the major event is, it has led to a wide range of emotions and has rocked your world…and you now feel uncertain about the beliefs and values you held prior to the loss.


Because of all of this, you are starting to feel more and more disconnected to the world around you. You find yourself asking “why” a lot more and have been searching for answers to your existential questions. You might even be growing weary of some of your relationships, because you don’t think others will understand what you’re going through. 


Right now you are trying to make sense of everything and you are seeking a stronger sense of spirituality to keep you grounded and help you feel more at peace.


While you may not feel connected and whole all of the time, you can learn to fine-tune your ability to tap into your spiritual self with the help of a trained therapist.

Lots of People Struggle with Their Spirituality

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Many people struggle with their spirituality at different points throughout the lifespan. We all question our overall purpose and the greater meaning of life from time to time - it is a very natural part of the human experience. However, when this questioning leads to depression or anxiety and consumes your mind, that is an indication that may be time to seek support.


A variety of factors may be preventing you from feeling connected to your spiritual self. Maybe you were raised in a home where spirituality was not discussed. Or maybe you were raised within a religious system that caused spiritual trauma, and you are unsure of where to turn next. Perhaps a traumatic event from your past is keeping you from subscribing to any sort of divine being moving forward. On top of that, hearing about various tragedies and suffering in the news can make it even more challenging to stay connected to Source and maintain the spiritual path.


Because it can feel really overwhelming to delve into all of this on your own, the team at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling offers spiritual integrated psychotherapy to help you find the answers you seek with ease.

Find Wholeness through holistic spiritual wellness therapy

Trying to navigate your spiritual self on your own can be difficult. Though lots of literature on various religions and belief systems exists, you may find that none of it seems to fit what you’re looking for right now. The journey to the spiritual self is so individualized and based on such unique life experiences, it is certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution. The team at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling believes that practices for mind, body, AND spirit are essential for optimal health and wellness. We all engage in our own individual practices and are dedicated to helping you find the right practices for you and your life too.


As a holistic practice, we believe in the power of treating your whole being, not just your individual symptoms. This includes your physical body, emotional body and your spiritual body. By addressing all aspects of your identity, including the spiritual self, you will find meaningful growth, develop a stronger sense of self, and cultivate ease in your mind, body, and spirit.


We believe that you know you best, that you are truly the expert of your own life, so we’ll let you guide the way as we work together to develop a septic plan of action that will help you meet your goals you identify in our first session together.


Our therapists are trained in a variety of therapy models and will use the best blend of therapeutic approaches to help you connect to your spiritual self. Because we strongly believe in the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection for optimal wellness, we’ll use principles of neurobiology to help you understand the interaction between your thoughts, emotions and your body’s reaction to them. We believe that having a solid foundational knowledge of how your body may still be responding to past and present stimuli will empower you to feel more in control of your physical self and emotional self.


Through somatic therapy techniques, such as tuning into your heart rate, posture, and breath, we will help you to release past spiritual trauma so that you can feel safe to explore and connect to your current spiritual self to the fullest. Developing an awareness of your body will allow you to support yourself outside of your time in the therapy room, and make it easier for you to engage in self-reflective activities and exploration.


You may be interested in learning how Eastern practices, such as yoga, can support your spiritual wellness. At Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling, we have clinicians with training in Yoga Psychology, which is a unique blend of modern psychology principles and ancient yoga wisdom that can help you live a healthier, happier life. By equipping you with information on the Kosha System (the 5 essential layers of the self), we believe that you will be able to obtain a heightened sense of self-awareness that allows you to grow your spiritual self and connection to the world around you.


In order to further enhance your mind-body-spirit connection, we may also use emotion-focused therapy (EFT) in our work together. We find that having a better understanding of your emotional experience and how your emotions impact all aspects of your life, including your spiritual self, will better prepare you to connect wholly to your spirituality and find optimal wellness. You will develop a deeper connection with yourself and feel more grounded, serene, and whole again.


Establishing peace and balance in your life is possible through spiritually integrated psychotherapy. The therapy team at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling is here to walk alongside you as you take the first steps towards reconnecting with your spiritual self.

Hesitation may keep you from reaching out for spiritual wellness therapy…
I’m worried that my therapist will have different spiritual beliefs from me

Everyone has different ways of connecting with their spirituality - including therapists. Your therapist may identify with one of the major world religions or as simply spiritual. Regardless of your therapist’s individual beliefs, we are an open-minded practice that is accepting of ALL belief systems. Rest assured that your therapist will remain nonjudgmental, supportive, and unbiased throughout the therapeutic process.

I’m not sure I want to commit to spiritual wellness counseling- it sounds like it will take up a lot of my time and energy.

We recognize that summoning the time, money, and energy required for spiritually integrated psychotherapy is a big commitment. As you consider engaging in this process, we encourage you to consider spiritual wellness to be an investment in yourself. When you’re able to connect with your own values and beliefs it will be easier for you to move about in the world, have better relationships with others in your life and feel more at peace in your inner and outer world.

I’m afraid of exploring my spirituality. It seems overwhelming.

Engaging in spiritually integrated psychotherapy is no easy feat. It can be challenging to tune into your inner beliefs, needs, and values and explore how negative past events are impacting your current life experience. You may have to explore parts of yourself that you don’t like. This is why you need a skilled therapist that has the training to support and guide you through the process. Your therapist will work collaboratively with you, pushing you to the edge of your comfort zone but not past it. With the support of the right clinician, you can learn to explore your spirituality and cultivate a connection to your inner divine, one step at a time.

Connect to Your Inner Divine and Find Peace From Within

If trying to explore your purpose and meaning and nurture your spirituality has you feeling lost, uncertain, or alone, holistic treatment at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling can reharmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Contact us today to schedule your free,15-minute consultation to learn more about how we can help!

Please note that during COVID-19, we are offering both in-person and online therapy sessions. 

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Therapy for Spiritual Wellness in St. Petersburg, FL

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