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How to Host a Vision Board Party

Let's talk about vision boards!

They are such a cool way to create year-long inspiration for your goals. They induce creativity, forward-thinking, and positive energy. They set the tone for how you want to live your life.

There is so much information out there already about how to create vision boards on your own. There are numerous blogs and websites that provide you the step-by-step instructions that you would need to create an awesome vision board. Having access to so much information is helpful because vision boarding is a very powerful process that can provide the momentum we need to move and create the life that we want.

How to create a Vision Board:

  • Gather magazines, craft materials, scrapbook materials, photographs, and any other visual materials that could potentially inspire you.

  • Grab a whiteboard, poster board, or cork board as well as pins, glue, and tape. This is where you will arrange all of your inspiration.

  • Cut out images, quotes, colors, words, and anything else that you love when you see it. Set them all aside in a pile.

  • Once you have a pretty big pile, start placing them on the board. Allow your creativity to take over and remember that it may take a few times arranging things before you find the perfect flow.

  • When you have decided on the order of your inspiration, go ahead and glue or pin the images down.

  • Take time after you have completed the vision board to reflect on why you chose the images that you did. I recommend if you are doing it solo to journal about the process and your vision for the new year.

  • Hang the vision board somewhere that you will see it every day!

While solo vision-boarding is a wonderful process, creating your vision board with a group can be even more impactful.

There has been quite a bit of research published on the power of group. Not only does creating in a group provide social interaction and support, but it also provides the sense of community for which many of us are longing. When working on a shared purpose, it also provides the connection and encouragement that can help us achieve our goals.

And for the introverts out there – we hear you. Keep in mind that this does not need to be a large party, especially given the various comfort levels in the days of COVID-19. It can be just 1 or 2 close friends that you trust and with whom you would be willing to share your dreams and goals.

So, now that we have reviewed the process for creating your vision board, let’s talk about how to host an epic vision board party.

Tips for hosting an epic vision board party:

  • Find a cool place for everyone to gather. The vibe of the space matters! A friend’s house or an outside gathering area are both great options. Make sure there is ample room to spread out and get creative.

  • Put together a yummy spread. Feel free to keep it simple.

  • Set up inspiration. Setting up previously designed vision boards on display can give everyone a quick dose of inspiration.

  • Have Magazines! Stock up on magazines throughout the year so you’re not scrambling to find materials. Better yet, have your friends contribute as well!

  • Set the Vibe. This is where Spotify, Pandora, or Youtube can be your best friend. Pick playlists that speak to you and inspire creativity. Some might prefer talking and sharing their vision boards while actively creating them. Some might prefer silence and introspection. There’s no right or wrong. Just create!

  • Share your vision. This is the most important part of the vision board process – by sharing with the group, not only are you announcing to the universe your intentions, thoughts, and purpose for the new year, but you also have the chance to get support from your friends. Ask each other questions about certain images and colors, why you have chosen specific quotes, and the meaning behind the board.

And that’s it! Once everyone has shared their vision boards, it’s time to celebrate! The only thing left to do once the party is complete is decide where you will hang your vision board in your house so that you are inspired every day of the new year.

With gratitude,

The Be Your Best Self + Thrive Team

If you are wanting to learn more about intention and goal-setting, we have counselors here who can help you find what works for you from a holistic, compassionate approach. To learn more about any of our counselors mentioned in this article, click here, or to book your free 15 minute session with one of them, click here.

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