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Activate your spirit: Connecting to your inner light

By: Kate Daigle

“There is a morning inside you waiting to burst into light.” -Rumi

Depending on your beliefs, you might think that we all come into this world as blank slates, tabula rasas if you will. At this stage of life, we’re generally unfazed by society, norms, biases and stereotypes. As babies, we can be in our purest, most vulnerable, forms. So how come, the older we get, do we become disconnected from that part of ourselves? The part of our spirit that’s simply just being and taking in the joys of life. Over the years, our spirits become altered by judgements, attachments, experiences and other influences. It can be difficult and pose a challenge to be able to connect with our inner light, our inner spirit. It can be tough to believe that we can go within and find the answers that we seek externally. To do this, we have to admit to ourselves that we have more power than we want to believe. So, how do we go within, connect with our inner light and activate our spirits? Consider ancient practices such as meditation, forest bathing, etc. They’re all based on the idea of heightening awareness and connecting.

Helping your light shine from the outside in can happen in times of reflection. Think of a time where you faced a challenge. What aspects, qualities, traits of yours allowed you to overcome the challenge? Maybe part of your inner light and spirit is tenacity, resilience, kindness or authenticity. These are parts of us that exists when we enter the world. Over time they might become tainted or jaded. What was it like to be a child? Did you stay up and build forts that magically transformed into castles, caves and airplanes? Did you run around in nature pretending to be a soldier, ballerina, mother or a father? If you’re fortunate enough you were given the freedom to explore, imagine, create and be your authentic self. If this wasn’t your experience, there’s still a way to connect with that part of yourself. Here are three practices to connect with your inner light and activate your spirit.

1. Meditation - by nature, this practice is reflective. It provides a space to become aware of what’s internally happening for you. Try this guided meditation for connecting to your inner self.

2. Earthing/forest bathing - these practices are rooted in ancient cultures such as Native American indigenous tribes. They are all about connecting to nature and tuning into Mother Earth, practices that allow for increased connection.

3.Creat- creation is part of being a child. Painting, sculpting, drawing and writing are all activities that are encouraged through childhood. What might not be apparent is that engaging in creation unlocks parts of our brains that allow us to connect with ourselves. Take out some paper and markers and allow yourself to create, free of judgment and rules.

We can all become a little more authentic, genuine and aware through practices such as these. Where there is more authenticity and awareness there is all more love and kindness. Connecting to our inner selves and spirit isn’t only to the benefit of ourselves it also makes the world a little better too.

With gratitude,


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