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  • Jamie Molnar

How to Trust What Your Intuition Is Telling You

One of the most powerful ways you can step into fullest alignment is to allow your internal spirit to guide truly guide your decisions actions – to trust what your intuition is telling you to do.

I believe when we can do this daily, lean into the inner spirit, listen to that intuitive voice deep inside, we can live in a state of harmony and flow with the world around us.

When we don’t learn how to do this, life can feel overwhelming and stressful. We can feel like we are living for other people and not for ourselves. We can feel agitated and stuck. We live in fear of what could be rather than excitement about what could be.

Trusting your intuition is your greatest tool in mind-body-spirit living.

It is that feeling in your stomach or your chest.

It is that voice deep down.

It is that immediate gut reaction that you have to people and situations.

Intuition feels light, airy, and spontaneously arrives. It feels like clarity, as though everything makes sense, and does not require rumination or overthinking.

Trusting your intuition is not only knowing how your inner spirit communicates with you, such as feelings in your body or emotions that you experience, but it also fully trusting and leaning into that, no matter what the external world is telling you. No matter what fears or doubts you might be having.

It is having full, 100% faith in yourself and your spirit.

I believe we are all born with this power. But over the years, we experience traumas that make us feel bad. These negative experiences lead to unhealthy habits and thinking patterns, which become more and more embedded over time.

Eventually, we start listening to our learned experiences rather than our core.

We learn to ignore signals from our body.

For some women, it leads to a complete disconnect from their intuition.

For others, their inner spirit shows up, but they are quick to ignore it.

In order to feel more aligned and like you are living your truth, it is important to learn how to re-connect with your inner spirit and trust in yourself and your ability to make the right decisions. This is how you step into your fullest potential and show up in the world in a powerful, authentic way.

So I want to give you 3 ways you can begin trusting your intuition:

Focus on the sensations in your body

The next time you are faced with making a decision, take a moment and drop into your body. Notice what you feel and where you feel it. If you were to describe the sensation, what color would it be? What emotion would you use to describe it? How intense does the sensation feel? Tune in and listen to what is your body telling you in this moment – allow it to be your guide.

Stay in the present.

Too often we spend time trying to think of all possible outcomes when making a situation. And while yes, this can be helpful to a degree, we don’t want to sit in this and let it turn into worries about the future. We have to trust that we know what to do and the right outcome will occur, whether we fully understand why in this moment. Many times, we don’t learn the reason for why something must be until sometime later. Think of folks who decided not to take a trip and something bad happened. Or someone who turned down a job offer only to find a better job 3 months later. We may not always know why our gut is telling us to do something in the moment, but we must trust the feeling. Stay in the present and trust in yourself and the universe.

Make yourself a priority.

Often when we are making a decision, we factor in everyone and everything else possible, rather than thinking about what is truly right for US. I can’t tell you how often I see this, with both men and women, whether it is taking a job, staying in a relationship, or navigating a life transition. Instead of asking yourself am I good fit for them (i.e. the company, the person), ask yourself are THEY a good fit for ME. This is a game changer and helps you stay aligned with your inner spirit and intuition.

If you have any questions about this practice or want more individual support in fine-tuning your intuition, message me HERE. I am here for you!

Finally, if you have any favorite practices that you want to share, or want to explore this further in a community of like-minded women, come join us over in the Be Your Best Self Facebook Group – we would love to hear from you!

Peace and love,


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