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How To Tap Into Your Intuition (3 simple steps)

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

By: Jamie Molnar

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Have you ever had a gut feeling about something, but you couldn't quite put your finger on why? That's your intuition talking to you. Our intuition is our inner guidance system that helps us make decisions and navigate life. However, in today's fast-paced and busy world, it can be easy to ignore or dismiss our intuition. So many of

us, live disconnected from our bodies and yet, we struggle to know the answers to

● Why am I here?

● Why did my soul choose this body at this time?

In this article, we'll explore a simple way to tap into your intuition and start making decisions that align with your true self.

What is Intuition?

Before we dive into how to tap into your intuition, let's first understand what intuition is. Intuition is an innate ability that we all possess. It's a sense of knowing that doesn't come from logic or reasoning, but rather from our gut feeling. Our intuition is like a compass that guides us towards what's best for us, even if we don't understand why at the time.

a woman sitting in the morning sun tapping into her intuition, intuition definition, how to develop intuition

The Benefits of Tapping into Your Intuition

Tapping into your intuition can bring many benefits to your life, including:

  • Making decisions that align with your true self

  • Feeling more confident in your choices

  • Finding clarity in difficult situations

  • Trusting yourself and your abilities

  • Connecting with your inner guidance system

How to Tap Into Your Intuition

Now that we understand what intuition is and its benefits, let's explore a simple way to tap into your intuition.

Step 1: Create Space

The first step to tapping into your intuition is to create space in your life. Our intuition is often drowned out by the noise and distractions of everyday life. By creating space, we allow ourselves to tune into our inner guidance system.

You can create space by:

  • Meditating

  • Going for a walk in nature

  • Taking a break from social media and technology

  • Practicing mindfulness

Step 2: Listen

Once you've created space, the next step is to listen. Listen to your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Your intuition communicates with you through your body, so pay attention to any signs or sensations you may feel.

Tuning in, or listening, is actually more complex and more intentional than it sounds.

● How often do you pause and listen to how your body feels?

● How often do you stop and consider the thoughts you have in your head?

● How often are you taking time to truly listen to what your soul is telling you?

● How often are you truly dedicating time to tuning in to your mind, your body, and your soul?


If you are taking time to tune in…

● Are you actually changing your behaviors to support what your body, your mind, and your soul are communicating to you?

Step 3: Trust

The final step is to trust. Trust that your intuition is guiding you towards what's best for you. It may not always make logical sense, but that's okay. Trust that your intuition knows what's best for you, and follow its guidance.

Now that we have a better understanding of what is intuition, how do we tap into our intuition -- how do we begin to fully connect to our intuition, our power?

a woman doing downward facing dog in yoga,  intuition definition, how to develop intuition

What is a Dharma?

Dharma” can be translated into “that which upholds righteousness” or “the law of the universe.” Essentially, it refers to your mission or purpose, which provides you inspiration in your daily life. It is the ability to identify your inner power, your intuition, and remaining connected to this no matter what life throws at you. This is very important for spiritual health.

In order to look at an individual's overall health and wellness, we have to look at the body, mind and spirit. The latter is often one of the most neglected aspects of our health.

I believe identifying your dharma, or your passion + purpose, is an important piece of being well. Once we are clear on this piece of ourselves, and remain aligned with it throughout our time on the earth, our life flows. Things become much clearer, making decisions feels much easier, and our overall health improves.

Trusting Your Gut: The Science Behind Intuition

Have you ever wondered how intuition works? While intuition is often thought of as a mystical or unexplainable force, there is actually a scientific explanation behind it. In recent years, researchers have been studying the connection between the brain and the gut, and how these two organs work together to produce our intuition.

The Heart Brain

Did you know that the heart has its own nervous system? It's called the "heart brain," and it's made up of a complex network of neurons that communicate with the brain through the vagus nerve. Research has shown that the heart brain plays an important role in our intuition. When we experience a gut feeling or a strong intuition, it's often accompanied by a physical sensation in the heart, such as a flutter or a racing heartbeat. This is because the heart is sending signals to the brain, which in turn produces the feeling of intuition.

The Gut Brain

The gut also has its own nervous system, known as the "enteric nervous system." This system is sometimes referred to as the "second brain," as it contains as many neurons as the spinal cord. The gut brain is responsible for regulating digestion, but it also communicates with the brain and plays a role in our intuition. Research has shown that the gut produces a variety of neurotransmitters, including serotonin and dopamine, which are also found in the brain. These neurotransmitters play a role in our mood, emotions, and intuition.

Incorporating Intuition into Your Daily Life

Tapping into your intuition is a practice that takes time and patience. Here are some tips for incorporating intuition into your daily life:

  • Start small – make a conscious effort to tune into your intuition for just a few minutes each day.

  • Keep a journal – write down any intuitive hits or sensations you experience throughout the day. Check out this article on activities that calm your mind by journaling.

  • Take action – when you receive guidance from your intuition, take action on it.

  • Let go of fear – sometimes our intuition may guide us towards something that scares us. Trust in the guidance and take action anyway.

a woman tapping into her intuition at be your best self and thrive in st petersburg, fl  intuition definition, how to develop intuition

Learning How To Tap Into Intuition

I want you to dedicate 5 minutes, for 5 consecutive days to tune-in – block it out in your calendar and set a timer for your Tune In.

Find a comfortable, quiet spot to sit.

Close your eyes.

Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly.

Feel your hand on your heart – notice how your hand feels on your chest. Notice how your breathing feels. Notice how your heart feels – how fast or slow it is beating.

Feel your hand on your belly – notice how

Take 5 deep breaths.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I feeling right now in the moment?

  • What does my body want to tell me?

Listen and continue breathing, feeling every breath throughout your whole body.

Once the timer dings, gently open your eyes.

Then, I want you to write down in your journal about your experience. Note the following:

  • Any tingling in your body, any digestive noises, and cricks or creaks, muscle tension – anything at all.

  • Also note what it was like to be alone with yourself in that moment. What thoughts came up?

  • Finally, what can you learn about yourself from those 5 minutes?

This practice is a simple yet powerful way to learn how to start tuning in and becoming connected with your inner spirit – your authentic self. Once we can learn to truly listen to our bodies, we can become more connected with our souls.

Commit to just 5 days and you will feel much more connected to your body, your mind, and your soul!

Our intuition is not a mysterious force, but rather a product of the communication between our heart brain, gut brain, and the brain in our head. By learning to listen to and trust our gut feelings, we can tap into our intuition and make decisions that are aligned with our true selves. So, the next time you have a gut feeling or a strong intuition, listen to it – your body and brain may be trying to tell you something important. If you'd like to work with a holistic therapist in St. Petersburg, Fl -- schedule a free consult.

We can't wait to support you and help you tap into your intuition.

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