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Harnessing the Power of the Elements: Healing Through Air

By: Kate Daigle

“Air, water, earth and fire originate in the universal force of love. You are all four elements therefore you are love.”- Roxana Jones

Air. With it, we can experience a feeling of lightness, we can breathe more deeply, and we can feel a sense of harmony. Without it, we don’t breathe, we don’t oxygenate our bodies and we don’t enjoy the pleasures of a pause. Maybe it’s not an idea you consider often, why it’s important to harness the power of the elements, but when you consider how our individual and collective wellness might be altered because of it, its importance becomes clear.

Here are some aspects of wellness that might be affected by elemental air:

  • Environmental wellness – This refers to existing in environments that are conducive to well-being by either providing stimulation or calming sensations. Environmental wellness can be conceptualized by ancient practices, such as Feng Shui, which emphasizes fostering energy and air flow in your space. Being aware of the air quality within your space can make a difference in your ability to breathe and feel in tune with your environment. 

  • Physical wellness – This refers to finding balance between diet, activity, sleep and nutrition. Air and oxygen are responsible for the healthy functioning of many of our body’s internal systems. You might find that your physical wellness deteriorates when your quality of air is poor. For example, maybe you breathe more shallowly or experience more systemic issues, such as illness or stress.

  • Emotional wellness – This refers to our ability to healthily cope with situations. Our brains and internal systems, as well as our environments, are responsible for how we feel emotionally. Without the elemental air, we may find ourselves feeling more down or lacking energy.

So, how do we incorporate air into our self-care and self-love practices?

Try these simple ways to connect with elemental air:

  1. Breathwork – Engaging in basic breathing techniques can help calm our Central Nervous System, allowing better oxygen and air flow through the body. For beginners, take a moment to connect with your breath. Breathe in through your nose, slowly, then exhale through your mouth. What sensations do you notice? Can you feel the air coming in through your nose?

  2. Connect with nature and ground with fresh air – Outside of ourselves, air may be best experienced in nature through wind. We might find ourselves stepping outside, taking in a breath of fresh air and feeling the wind on our bodies.

  3. Chakra work – Elemental air aligns with the heart chakra. Air is thought to provide a sense of connectedness and a willingness to help others, which is why it makes sense that the heart chakra represents air. Experiment with crystals that align with the heart chakra, eat more greens (the color associated with this chakra), meditate or engage in sound therapy.

You might find that you already have practices you engage in that help you harness the power of air. Consider these to be extra tools to add to your toolbox of practices. Challenge yourself to become more aware of how you connect and live by the elements.

With gratitude,


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