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Katie Thornton


Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths: 

  1. Empathy

  2. Friendliness

  3. Organization

  4. Individualization

  5. Integrity

Katie's Story

Hi, I’m Katie!


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am from the Philadelphia area and a married mom of three boys. In my earlier years I worked in the food service industry, which I credit to my love for interacting with people. I would consider myself to be a true “people’s person”. The food industry taught me so much in regards to maintaining a friendly and positive attitude when interacting with patrons as well as responding quickly and affirmatively to their needs. In fact, I am currently still involved in the business by supporting our family-owned restaurant.


My love for helping people brought me to BYBS, where I now serve as the Client Care Manager. This means I support all new and current clients in the practice. So whether it is helping you schedule appointments, assisting you with billing questions, or any other needs that you have, I am here and ready to support you in your healing journey!  

In my free time you will find me at all my sons' multiple sporting events, volunteering at their school, exercising, and spending time with family and friends. My true love, besides my family, is being at the beach in Sea Isle City, New Jersey every summer. I have been going there since my childhood and it gives me a true sense of peace and happiness.

I have always been a firm believer in the power of therapy and the importance of self-growth and self-worth. I am so happy and excited to help you find the best clinician for you, so you can be your best self and thrive!



We are honored to be part of your holistic mental health journey and look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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