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LGBTIAQ Therapy In St. Petersburg, FL

LGBT Counseling in St. Petersburg, FL

Are you searching for open-minded support?

Are you feeling isolated and misunderstood? Do you struggle with living authentically and in your truth? Do you feel like it is often difficult for you to navigate life changes and find peace in a world in which you feel misunderstood?


Maybe you’re having issues in your close relationships. You may have found that those you care about aren’t accepting of your identity, and this hurts. Or perhaps you’re feeling frustrated because you can’t talk as freely about your identity as you’d like without being judged. You may have even been bullied or harassed by others because of who you are.


Sometimes you notice you get a bit nauseous and shaky in social situations. You might have started to carry the exhaustion and frustration that you feel about your current situation in your physical body. Maybe you have even begun to dread getting up and facing people who just don’t understand you and don’t support you.


You wish that others would just simply accept you as you are, and at least attempt to understand what you’re going through. You’re feeling more and more alone, partly because you feel like no one gets you and partly because you’ve started to stay away from others altogether.


All you want is peace, and to be able to live your life without fear.


While life may feel hard right now, we want you to know that there are people who deeply care about you and understand what you’re going through. With the help of a skilled LGBTQIA+ Affirming therapist, you can begin to walk the path of freedom from fear.

It’s Tough to Find Peace in a World Where You feel Unaccepted

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Unfortunately, acceptance and kindness towards others is not as common in the world as they ought to be, especially for members of marginalized communities. As a result, many LGBTQIA+ individuals struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. In fact, according to Mental Health America, about 39% of the LGBTQIA+ community struggled with a mental health issue in 2018. And for bisexual or transgender individuals, this number is even higher.


In our ever-changing society, it can be difficult to adapt to social norms and expectations while also discovering who we really are and staying true to our identity. Because the world seems so polarized at times, it can be difficult to feel safe around others. As a result, being judged, bullied, or harassed may unfortunately seem like a regular part of life. 


For these reasons and more, the team at Be Your Best Self & Thrive is proud to be a safe space and provide LGBTQIA+ affirming care. We offer a holistic approach to LGBTQIA+ counseling, exploring how societal, cultural, and systemic factors have impacted you as well as how your own internal thoughts and feelings can be a challenge to navigate too. We believe that addressing all aspects of your being, both internal and external, will allow you to step into your truth and achieve a sense of comfort and serenity.

You Can Cultivate Self-Acceptance Using Holistic Tools

Trying to achieve self-acceptance and silence your inner critic may seem like a daunting task. You might have tried reading self-help books, gone down Reddit rabbit holes, or even searched Google on how to find happiness in the world today. This search has left you feeling even more unsure and defeated. The benefit of holistic therapy is that it is tailored specifically to you and will ensure that you can directly and easily apply the information and skills you receive specifically to your life.


The therapists at Be Your Best Self & Thrive will collaborate with you and create a plan of action to address all of your needs, empowering you to achieve mind-body-spirit wellness. We believe that you know yourself better than anyone else, and we honor and respect that by letting you take the lead on your journey. We provide a safe, affirming environment for you to begin to heal from the past, start the path towards accepting your whole self, and learn to manage overwhelming or distressing emotions.


Our therapists take a person-centered and humanistic approach to care, allowing you to be the guide as we focus on improving the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. We believe that you are the expert on you, and that our holistic methods will help you feel more connected to your authentic self and  in control of your care and your life.


We also integrate a strengths-based approach in our work, allowing you to fully recognize and use your current abilities and resources. We believe that when we empower you to reach your highest potential with the tools you already have, you’re more likely to achieve your therapeutic goals. When you can see yourself at your best, you can not only gain self-acceptance but also recognize factors that keep you from reaching your highest potential so that as a team we can create a plan to overcome those obstacles.


Because you may be struggling to manage feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear related to what you have experienced in life, we will also likely draw from emotion-focused therapy (EFT) techniques. We believe that when you can see how emotions shape your self-perception and understand where in your body you feel your emotions, it becomes easier for you to accept yourself as you are and create the emotional state you desire.


Finally, we believe in many of the somatic therapies and Eastern medicinal practices that we use can help you regulate the uncomfortable or distressing emotions you may be experiencing in your physical body. As you begin to cultivate an awareness of your body and your emotions, you will start to see how you store trauma and stress, better understand your nervous system, and learn the most effective strategies to release any unwanted memories and feelings. In particular, we utilize mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, and other traditional Eastern practices to help with this stress release process as well.


Through our work together, you’ll begin to accept yourself as you are, form fulfilling relationships, and release emotions that do not serve you. We believe in your ability to channel your inner strength and abilities so that you can see the changes you desire in your life.


Self-acceptance and freedom from fear of judgment are within your reach. With the support and guidance from the Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling team, you can be empowered to explore and embrace your identity.

Perhaps you’re considering Yoga therapy for Maybe you’re considering LGBTQIA+ counseling, but you’re hesitant to commit…

I had a bad experience in therapy in the past. Why bother trying again?
mental health, but you’re uncertain…

There are a number of reasons why therapy may not be helpful. Perhaps your last counselor wasn’t the best fit for your needs, or didn’t provide an affirming space. Or maybe it just didn’t feel like a good fit. We encourage you not to give up hope despite past unhelpful therapy experiences. Our LGBTQIA+ affirming therapists are carefully selected for their open-mindedness, commitment to social justice, and their expertise to provide you with the skills you need to achieve long-lasting happiness.

I don’t think I can afford LGBTQIA+ Therapy.

Yes, LGBTQIA+ affirmating therapy does have a fee. But just like any other investment, when you are willing to contribute your time and money in order to achieve the gains you hope to see in your life, you will experience the healing and change you need. That being said, however, we do believe in supporting everyone, and we therefore have a range of self-pay options to accommodate various needs. You can check out our pricing here.

How do I know my therapist will understand what I’m going through enough to help me?

We totally understand that it can be scary to open up to someone new, especially if you’ve experienced judgment, harassment, and discrimination in the past. Our counselors will take as much time as needed to get to know you, from our first consultation call together, through our comprehensive intake assessment and onward throughout our relationship together. Our team is trained in LGBTQIA+ specific issues and has the competency and skills to help you achieve your goals while feeling safe and understood.

Accept Yourself as You Are and Live a Life Free of Fear

If you are seeking self-acceptance and help with managing your emotions as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, holistic treatment at Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling can provide you the safe space you need to heal and grow. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation to learn more about how we can help. 

**Please note that during COVID-19, we are offering both in-person and online therapy sessions. 

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