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Movement for Mental Health

Walk & Talk Therapy

At BYBS, we believe in an integrative approach to mental health. And one of the ways we can improve how we feel is through movement: getting the body in motion can help get the mind in motion. For that reason, our very own Elena Simonsen, LCSW, is proud to offer Walk & Talk therapy as part of her counseling services!

And yep - this is exactly what it sounds like - you and Elena will walk outdoors together during your therapy session instead of sitting in the office. Sometimes folks find being outdoors in nature is calming, grounding, and helps them access emotions and thoughts better. 

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"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional and mental states."  - Carol Welch

How do I know if Walk & Talk therapy is right for me?

You may find Walk & Talk therapy to be helpful for you if:


  • You tend to feel more at ease outdoors than in an office setting

  • It’s easier for you to think and process things when you’re moving

  • It’s easier for you to practice mindful awareness while outdoors than in an office setting

  • You struggle with sitting still or remaining in a seated position for long periods of time

How can Walk & Talk help me?

Walk & Talk therapy can many benefits, including:


  • Increasing feelings of relaxation from being outdoors

  • Getting your blood flowing, which may make it easier to think

  • Releasing endorphins that help improve your mood by decreasing your perception of pain


Meet Your Walk & Talk Therapist

Elena Simonsen, LCSW

“Sometimes we need to shift our bodies in order to help us shift our minds. As someone who loves to run and walk, I use movement in my own life to help me get more in-tune with my body and the world around me. I believe that you can benefit from incorporating movement into your life too, which is why I decided to start offering Walk & Talk therapy. This approach to therapy may make it easier for us to build our relationship together, as you may feel more relaxed talking outdoors and while you’re moving. It’s also a great way to start cultivating an informal mindfulness practice - by paying attention to your breath, your body, and our conversation. I’m looking forward to helping you move towards peace and wellness!” 

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