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Because the teenage years can be really tough...and we are here to help.

Between school, friendships, extracurriculars, maybe even dating, it can be an emotional rollercoaster for you and for your teen.


On top of their normal life stresses, teens are expected to make huge, life-altering decisions. Like what they want to do for a career, if they want to go to college, and if they want to live at home or move out and navigate the world on their own. Teens are under an immense amount of pressure to be independent before they are ready and are expected to have it all figured out by age eighteen. They may crave independence, but deep down, they are scared about learning how to do life as an adult. It is overwhelming, exciting, terrifying, and magnificent, all at the same time. 


With the pressures of independence, your teen may not reach out for help directly, but may be showing you they need support in other ways. 

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How do I know my teen needs counseling?

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues can often look different in teens than adults.

Here are some warning signs you might start to notice:

  • Defiance and talking back 

  • Sneaking out at night or intentionally ignoring curfew

  • Grades dropping

  • Losing interest in their previously loved activities

  • Sexual acting out and gender identity confusion

  • Secretly cutting or self-harming

  • Experimenting with drugs and alcohol

  • Extreme fatigue or extreme insomnia

  • Irritability and impatience

If this sounds like you and your family, we want you to first understand you are not alone. There’s certainly no rulebook or manual about the best way to raise a teenager! The good news is that counseling for teens is an effective, proven and safe way for your teen to express their emotions and learn how to feel whole and healthy again. 


Meet Your Teen Counselor:

Elena Simonsen, LCSW

Hi there! Let me tell you a bit about how I can support your teen.


Human beings, especially teenagers, are deeply complex and unique. I therefore make sure to tailor my approach to treatment for each individual and family from scratch. I will always encourage your teen and any other involved family members (with your teen’s permission) to be involved in their treatment planning. I strive to provide you and your teen actionable tools and promise to make goals measurable and trackable so you can see growth and change over time.

A Note From Elena...

"The first step is often the hardest one to take. As a therapist who has been on both sides of the couch, I fully understand that. I hope when you do reach out, you will feel proud and satisfied that you took the first step down the road for you and your teen’s health and healing journey. I hope you will allow me the privilege of being your guide along the way."