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A Simple Way to Tap Into Your Intuition

By: Jamie Molnar

This month on the blog we have been exploring the theme of passion + purpose, which is one of my favorite topics. And in today’s blog post, I want to explore how you can tap into your intuition, which is and fundamental practice for being connected to your passion and purpose. I want to talk about how you can learn how to answer these questions:

● Why am I here?

● Why did my soul choose this body at this time?

I love talking about how we learn how to tap into our soul’s calling – our true purpose for being on this earth.

Because I want to help you identify that one thing that lights a fire from within you and makes you feel amazing every time you think about it. I want you love yourself and your life and to live fully and authentically and in your truth, every single day.

In yoga, we call this concept “Dharma.” This word can be translated into “that which upholds righteousness” or “the law of the universe.” Essentially, it refers to your mission or purpose, which provides you inspiration in your daily life. It is the ability to identify your inner power, your intuition, and remaining connected to this no matter what life throws at you. This is very important for spiritual health.

We don’t talk a lot about spiritual health in society today, which I think is unfortunate, but it is definitely a core component in the work that I do, both personally and professionally (so much so that my tagline for my business is literally mind-body-spirit health!). I think Western culture is doing a good job of starting to acknowledge and treat the mind-body connection, but for some reason, we have completely left out the spiritual aspect. I think this is a problem, because then we are not looking at the whole picture for optimal health.

I believe identifying your dharma, or your passion + purpose, is an important piece of being well. Once we are clear on this piece of ourselves, and remain aligned with it throughout our time on the earth, our life flows. Things become much clearer, making decisions feels much easier, and our overall health improves.

You may be saying, ok YES – all that sounds great Jamie – but I don’t even know where to start.

Don’t worry – you know I got you!

One of my favorite ways to begin understanding and identifying our dharma is to start practicing the art of tapping into our intuition.

Many of us are SO disconnected from the deepest parts of our inner world. We are distracted by media, advertising, Hollywood, the expectations of our families, people-pleasing tendencies, I could go on and on…and it is overwhelming. All of this distraction leads to us getting stuck in comparisonistis and “shoulding” ourselves rather than trusting in our own inner voice.

We ALL deal with this to some degree.

That is why tapping into your intuition is not always easy at first. We have to be able to sift through all the distractions and not allow them to affect our self-esteem, our connection to our soul’s purpose, and our individual sources of happiness. It takes practice – consistency and dedication are key, just like any other skill you are wanting to develop for yourself.

If you are trying to build muscle, it doesn’t happen after one gym visit, right? You have to go regularly and condition your body to build muscle – it takes time.

For those of us that have been out of touch with our inner world, it is the same idea.

We need to practice.

So, what is the first step to you can take to learning how to tap into your intuition?

Tuning in.

I know, I know, that sounds super vague and simple, but hear me out.

Tuning in is actually more complex and more intentional than it sounds – think about it for a second.

● How often do you pause and listen to how your body feels?

● How often do you stop and consider the thoughts you have in your head?

● How often are you taking time to truly listen to what your soul is telling you?

● How often are you truly dedicating time to tuning in to your mind, your body, and your soul?


If you are taking time to tune in…

● Are you actually changing your behaviors to support what your body, your mind, and your soul are communicating to you?

I want you to really reflect on these questions for a moment. You can even jot down answers to in your journal.

Because learning how to tune in is key to connecting with your intuition – which will then help you become more aware of your inner world and clearer about your dharma in life.

If you feel like you could use some help with tuning in, I want to provide you with a simple method I recommend.

Jamie’s Simple Method for Tuning In:

For 5 days, I want you to dedicate 5 minutes of each day to tune-in – block it out in your calendar and set a timer for your Tune In.

Find a comfortable, quiet spot to sit.

Close your eyes.

Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly.

Feel your hand on your heart – notice how your hand feels on your chest. Notice how your breathing feels. Notice how your heart feels – how fast or slow it is beating.

Feel your hand on your belly – notice how

Take 5 deep breaths.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I feeling right now in the moment?

  • What does my body want to tell me?

Listen and continue breathing, feeling every breath throughout your whole body.

Once the timer dings, gently open your eyes.

Then, I want you to write down in your journal about your experience. Note the following:

  • Any tingling in your body, any digestive noises, and cricks or creaks, muscle tension – anything at all.

  • Also note what it was like to be alone with yourself in that moment. What thoughts came up?

  • Finally, what can you learn about yourself from those 5 minutes?

This practice is a simple yet powerful way to learn how to start tuning in and becoming connected with your inner spirit – your authentic self. Once we can learn to truly listen to our bodies, we can become more connected with our souls.

Commit to just 5 days and I promise you will feel much more connected to your body, your mind, and your soul!

Let me know how it goes! Join us in the Facebook Group and share your experience – we would love see you there.

Peace and Love,


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