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Gender Confirming Surgery (GCS)
and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Assesments and Referral Letters

At Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling, Genevieve May, LCSW is a proud provider of assessment and referral services for transgender and gender diverse clients ages 18+ seeking Gender Confirmation Surgery or Hormone Replacement Therapy to begin their medical transition process. As a provider of this service, Genevieve follows the Informed Consent Model of Care and believes that the client is the expert on their own life and their lived experience. The goal of the assessment and referral process is not to create a barrier to the client’s medical transition, but rather to partner with the client to ensure they are emotionally, financially, and mentally and practically ready to begin their transition process. 

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How does the process work?

The GCS/HRT assessment process at BYBS & Thrive has been designed to follow the WPATH Standards of Care as well as to ensure a modern, holistic and inclusive model of care. In order to guarantee these standards are met, Genevieve requires at least 2 assessment sessions. The first session is focused on a thorough understanding of the client’s emotional, social, and mental health history. The second session is focused on exploring the client's lived experience in their gender, partnering together to understand the practicals of the transition process, and working with the client to make the process as comfortable as possible and ensure the best outcome of the process. Most assessments can be done in these two sessions.


Genevieve fully supports access to gender-affirming services. It is therefore important to note that therapy with Genevieve beforehand is NOT required to begin the assessment process. However, if the client is currently in therapy with another therapy provider, a release of information is required in order to ensure a collaborative care process.


Additionally, therapy is NOT required with Genevieve after the assessment and referral process has been completed. Clients are welcome and encouraged to engage in therapy after completion if they so desire. 


Clients seeking HRT do NOT have to have an identified provider in order to make their first appointment. Clients seeking chest surgery, gonadectomy, genital reconstruction and facial surgery, however, must have an identified surgeon and have completed a surgical consultation with their surgeon prior to their first appointment. This is required in order to ensure the client has completed the appropriate steps in the process and understands to the best of their ability the benefits, risks and potential complications and what to expect before coming to receive the letter. 


Genevieve is committed to providing gender-affirming services and removing barriers to the medical transition process. As soon as the WPATH criteria has been confidently met, Genevieve will happily provide the client’s letter in a timely manner and will always fully support the client’s access to high-quality treatment. 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon